Housesketch design composition

- floor plans with furniture layout;

- master plan;
- 3D-sketch designs- front elevation drawings;
- sectional drawings;
- explanatory note.

Building detail design development

The detailed design includes detail drawings with explanations required to conduct construction works. Before setting to detailed design, we’ll ask you for the site exploration results. If no site explorations have been performed, we’ll assist you in getting them. Besides, we need specifications for the utility line coupling (electric power, water and gas supply, plumbing, if any).

Building detail design composition:

- architectural;

- constructional;

- engineering (electrotechnical and electrical facilities, water installation and sanitary piping, heating systems, fresh-air, weak-current lines and, if necessary, air conditioning, fire and security alarm systems, utility automation).

The composition of all design documentation and its maturity comply with the Russian standards and Studio internal rules and regulations based on our long-term experience.

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