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Oleg Fedorov’s Studio deals with the customers on an individual basis. The cost of design depends on the scope of tasks set.

Each assignment is treated by our architects as a solution of personal tasks of a specific customer involving original ideas, innovative engineering and process designs. In other words, a design project of this level may not be a copy or imitation of somebody’s ideas, even if they are brilliant. Designing is always in-depth creative work requiring strong commitment and concentration. Of course, standard methods are not suitable for evaluation of the design project in such conditions. That is why, the scope of real works and not mere square meters are taken into consideration, when calculating the cost of works.

To estimate an individual design, we need to establish the scope of design works, i.е. to understand which works are required, to discuss stylistic and functional suggestions, metric area and location of the facility with the customer and only then to discuss the price. We believe this is logic and honest vis-a-vis our customers. With our many years' experience, qualification and high quality services which won numerous awards (incl. international ones), our prices are still moderate and reasonable.


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